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Demographic Profiling

Understanding your business and your people...

Modern Solutions to Modern Working

Modern Solutions to Modern Working


Area and
Workforce Profiling

Analysing an existing workforce in terms of their home location and demographic profile, helping us to understand who your people are and which location is right for your business when relocating.


Profiling the distance / proximity of each of your employees in relation to their offices in terms of realistic commutes via drivetimes or train commutes will allow us to help you accurately cost your proposed relocation.

Qualification and
Cost of Relocation

Workforce retention! Providing your employees with as much useful information to encourage and help them and their family move is key to any successful relocation. The Clearview Group and their partners have consulted on some of the highest profile successful group moves in the last 20 years.

Area Information

Bespoke Analysis

In using the established profile and catchment we can compare this to each of your prospective site locations and advise you which area ranks the highest for a successful move.